Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Creative Space

My Creative space this week:
Something sparkly for Christmas - with any luck I'll have a finished product for you tomorrow.

Curtains to hem and line.  Not so creative, but good for keeping out the cold.
And the pile grows.  The weird worm thing is a way for me to try to keep track of how many I have.

Check out Kirsty at Kootoyoo for more creative spaces.


Christy said...

I don't envy you with all those hexies to sew - that would take me forever!

anna said...

I'm both daunted and inspired by your photo of that wonderful heap!

- said...

We'll be waiting!

Carol E Wyer said...

Aaaargh sewing nooooooo! I can't see straight so everything would be at an I seriously can't see straight lines...big time astigmatism in the eyes....great excuse huh?
I'm intrigued to know what you are going to do with that nice pretty paper.
Thank you for visiting today and your comment. Brussel sprouts - no just can't like them Son used to eat them by the pan load but they do have a horrible side effect which I'll leave you to discover :)
I'm afraid I don't do my 'cartoons'. I trawl the internet for hours until I find the most appropriate. I do paint and draw but I'm more 'classical' and anyway I can't work out how to put the drawings on the internet without a scanner. My goal next year is to actually do the illustrations to accompany the post. I'll be back tomorrow to check out the paper.

Bron said...

I remember my mum making many of those ...I used to think she was crazy I now know she was just very patient.