Friday, November 5, 2010

Goings Ons

Life here has been busy for me.  It's getting busier.  Last night I was handed a GIANT binder full of my new responsibility as Publicity Chair for our guild's Quilt Show.  Lighthouse Legacies Quilt Show Oct 8-9, 2011  Racine, WI  (I consider this as my first act of publicity).

Anyway, I have been getting some projects done, but they are for a 'thing' at church and I probably won't share much until after the 'thing' so as not to ruin some of the surprise for those few readers that may attend.

So, I haven't done much here at home.  I feel like I haven't been home.  Yesterday I was home for 4 hours awake.  When that is just stopping in between going somewhere else, its not much.

I have plans, though.  A skirt this weekend for Ellie and maybe some more interesting blog posts besides just my ramblings and vacation pictures (although there might be a few more of those yet to come)

Until Monday, then.  Have a great weekend.


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