Monday, October 11, 2010

What an Exciting Weekend

It started with good excitement Friday when Will got to control the crane on the We Energies Truck.

Wesley hung out by the End Loader

Then I won a 'viewers choice' award at the quilt show I mentioned last week for this quilt.  Totally unexpected!  I didn't even vote for myself - there were way better quilts than this.  At least I can say I am an "award winning quilt maker." LOL!
Saturday night we took out our Galileoscope Telescope.  I would highly recommend getting one for beginning astronomers.  Cheap and works well.  Definitely need a tripod, though.  Anyway, we saw Jupiter and 3 moons!
OK, it didn't look this good - but with some still sitting you could see the large band on the planet and three moons off to the right.  You can totally see it with the naked eye, too.  Eastern sky dusk and early evening.  It's the brightest thing out there right now.

Sunday was calm until 9:30 or so.  Fire.  Lithium batteries blew and caught fire on the kitchen counter.  We are fine and damage overall was minimal.  The biggest problem is the mess.  Dry Fire Extinguishers make a mess.  There was a fine powder everywhere.  There is still a lot to clean up.  Lucky me, that's how I'll spend my Monday.  I could say the positive thing is I get new counter tops - but its not really an expense we need right now with putting up a new garage!


Mindy said...

OH MY! That's terrible!! I'm glad it was only the countertop (and floor) that was damaged.

But big congrats on the quilt win!

Mindy said...

By the way, did you see this?

Congratulations, again!