Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Awesome Aunt

My Aunt was in town a week, or so, ago and left us with some amazing gifts.  She is a knitter of extraordinary talent!
I took Silas out for a photo shoot to show some of her handiwork off.  He wasn't thrilled when we started, but was laughing by the end.
This one was actually made for Wes, and is a bit small for Silas now.

This last one is the most amazing.  I have to brag a bit.  It won Three! awards at the Iowa state fair.  (Let's see if I remember right)  Best Baby Sweater,  Best Kid's Sweater overall, and Best of Show. (I'll edit and fix if that's wrong).
Check out this amazing work closer.
More work from her in a later post.

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Unknown said...

Wishing I was a baby so "Aunt MJ" would knit for me... :P