Monday, September 6, 2010

E's First Quilt

Last fall E chose some fabric to use in her first quilt.  I cut the blocks and marked stitching lines on them.  Then I showed her how to do a running stitch.  This lasted for a couple of months and about 1/3 of the blocks getting sewn together.  So this summer I showed her how to use the sewing machine and the quilt is done!
She did 90% of the sewing.  I helped mostly on the binding.
This was probably more of a learning experience for me than for her.  I am not a patient teacher and we would often put it away for a couple of weeks because we would both get frustrated.  I mostly had to get over expecting too much from her. (she's only 6, after all)
Her reward was coming to a quilt guild meeting and showing the finished product.

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