Monday, August 23, 2010

Putting Up and Sending Out

Here is a picture of this weekend's project
That would be 8 quarts of Pears, 2.5 quarts Bread & Butter pickles and 11 jars of Wild Blueberry Jam.  The pears are from my parent's trees.  The cucumbers from my own garden (first one ever).  The Blueberries are from Michigan's UP that we picked in July. 

On a more personal note: Today was the first day of school.  E is in Second Grade this year, so it's all old hat to her, but WD is in Kindergarten.  First day of school, ever!  I am somewhere between Hooray, they're out of the house, and *sniff, my little ones are growing up.  It will be good to be home in the mornings with WP - age 2, and S - age 5 months.  WP and I have never had lots of alone time, and now this is our chance.
This was the best picture I could get on their way out.  (I don't remember having to provide tissues for school when I was a kid)  Anyway, they are certainly excited and I am excited for them.

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